Kiwis watch out for the Westgold® butter scam.

Their butter looks very similar to the other brands on sale in the supermarket…BUT THE CUNTS ARE PULLING A FAST ONE…..THEIR butter may look like the others but it is 400gm NOT 500gm…..100gms short of the traditional block of butter.

NOTE:.A similar sized block of butter is about the same price…..ONLY IT IS PRODUCED IN FRANCE AND TRANSPORTED HALF WAY AROUND THE GLOBE!!.

Here is clear evidence that NEW ZEALANDERS ARE BEING TAKEN TO THE FUCKING CLEANERS …..and most of it revolves around a REAL conspiracy between the supermarkets to artificially raise the price of dairy products….

Don’t expect ANY action from either Labour or National they are BOTH run by the same people…..a vote for either of them makes a lot of sense……IF your income is of the top ten percent.

Then of course there is the extortionate power prices paid in NZ…and this all goes back to the “privatisation” of NZ owned assets.

FOR “PRIVATISATION read….the wholesale transfer of government owned assets into the hands of the elite.

TOP TIP…..don’t expect the media scum to investigate all this…they are the paid WHORES of the elite….although you would possibly be fooled by their cheerful presentation on television.

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