Riot breaks out in Charlottesville Virginia US of A.

It all revolves around the statue replacement strategy that various political movements employ…..a gross form of this was when Chairman Meow of China took over the country….his gangsters destroyed priceless Chinese artefacts to “cleanse the past from the present”…..on behalf of the people…. of course!!.

It’s all to do with whether or not protesters are packing an ideology which makes them act irrationally or the figures put up their own statues during their lifetime…..Like Franco the crypto Jewish fascist leader of Spain or Saddam Hussein….etc etc.

The politically correct idiots in Charlottesville intend to have a statue removed honouring a confederate leader…..This MAY be motivated by behind the scenes string pullers….it certainly is a provocation.

One of the chants by the Alt Right marchers was “The Jews will not replace us”…..The mayor of Charlottesville is Mike Signer and his wife (Blout)…..Mike is of course a Jew…so it looks like Jews have already replaced them.

As for the Governor of Virginia…he is a Catholic…..he MAY be a Catholic or a “Catholic”… John Kerry and Madeline Albright…..that is a Marrano.

The March was reported in British newspapers BEFORE American media got hold of it….but this may be to do with time differences….

Despite what you may see in the Jewish owned media….there is seething anger in America about the fate that has befallen the country….which is why Trump was voted into office…..Americans voted in the only candidate available to them….a fucking idiotic Jew…A JFK would never make it past the starting post.

One thing is for sure….if Americans decide to go for a revolution they had better start at the top…..otherwise the Jewish oligarchy will run it,while standing on the sidelines…..only to step in at the end of it and resume their former positions.

The attention given to this March is way out of proportion to the actual numbers involved…..

It is quite possible to see the US fracturing apart within the next one hundred years….along racial lines….thanks to Jews Incorporated strategy for control…..pitting different ethnic groups against each other….and stealing the wealth of America to build the racist state of Israel…..One thing is for sure….Americans freedoms are going to be gradually throttled to death via “new laws”….to preserve the peace.Homeland Security headed by a Jew will become like the oppressive security services you find in totalitarian countries.

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