Tony Blair shows up in Malta…photographed with Maltese PM…Muscat….

According to stuff on the net “Muscat” can mean Nutmeg in Hebrew.Another source says that Muscat can be of German Jewish origins….

Considering the FACT that so many leaders of countries in the West are actually crypto Jews….like the hooked nosed Theresa May or the fucking prick Trump (In Trumps case it is extremely easy to identify him as a Jew.All his family are Jews and the top end elite real estate business in NY is the sole preserve of Jews etc)…..

Then Mr Muskrat of Malta is almost certainly a crypto Jew.(when I was in Malta I received a traditional Jewish welcome….gunfire…..some maniac discharged a shotgun right outside my “hotel”!!).The Jews love their celebrations.

Blair keeps on showing up in corruption hotspots around the world…..which is hardly surprising…the cunt is grossly corrupt himself and should have been arrested years ago.Because he does the bidding of the Elders of Zyklon he remains at large….but would be thrown to the mob if things got bad… take the heat off the elite.

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