Charlottesville Alt Right spokesjew….KESSLER.

There is something odd about this stuff in Charlottesville….here we have an Alt Right spokesman by the name of KESSLER which is a distinctly Jewish surname….WTF?….and ditto the car driver.Is this a case of the Jews running both sides of the conflict??.

….obviously if a genuine demonstration was to be organised…they ought to be holding one outside the Federal Reserve which is not Federal…..Incidently.This is the outfit that holds Americans hostage….a demonstration outside THIS den of iniquity would appeal to most Americans…..The freaky satanic imagery on the US one dollar banknote is all the evidence you need to know that the US nation is governed by an unseen power and NOT American citizens….How about Americans blowing up the giant Egyptian style pillar in Washingstein….once again a symbol of the deep govt hidden in plain sight.

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