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James Murdoch,son of Rupert Murdoch castigates Trumpsteen.

August 18, 2017

Of course James Murdoch is a crypto Jew just like his pa Rupert Murdoch.The dirty digger is now married to Jerry Hall a jewess hailing from Texas….hometown of the Bush family…also crypto Jews.

Interestingly James Murdoch has just donated one million dollars to Abe Foxmans ADL…..which is a covert Jewish terror group masquerading as a charity.

Good old Abe will be counting his lucky stars for Charlottesville….the money will be pouring in…..Maybe Madoff will donate some of the 60 billion he stole….from his prison cell IF he is actually in prison.He may have been transported to Israel for his retirement years…..perhaps he is  sitting on a deckchair in Eilat….taking in the rays.

Remember that Jews are innocent sufferees of history……eternally persecuted by all and sundry…..So infact Murdoch’s donation has everything to do with protecting harmless Jews like Madoff…..



Virtually no mention of Trumps Jewish connections….

August 17, 2017

His whole family is JEWISH …..and all his business associates are Jews.Which makes sense….as an American black politician once called New York…Hymie Town….Hymie is American slang for Jews.

Virtually none of these alternative news sites mention this obvious fact….Trump is a crypto Jew.Perhaps people have insufficient knowledge about Jews to even consider Trump is a Jew.

Then there is the case of Ukraine….people like Paul Craig Roberts who harp on about neo Nazis running the Ukraine…..BUT IT IS FUCKING NONSENSE…..the top politicians there are crypto Jews….this FACT is easily ascertained by checking the background of the politicians in question.

It gets worse….a simple background check on Trumps current wife would reveal that she is of Slovenian Jewish heritage….

His daughter Ivanka was reported to have converted to Judaism….it is all fucking lies for the simple fact that her mother is of European Jewish heritage.

A more obvious example of this deception is the marriage of the Australian soap star Isla Fisher to Cohen the comedian.The media reported she had converted to Judaism for the marriage…..UTTER NONSENSE….Fisher or variations of Fischer is an easily recognisable Jewish surname…like Eddie Fischer the actor once married to the fag hag Elizabeth Taylor….also Jewish not surprisingly.


Roberts reckons that they will impeach Trump….yeah right,sure thing.People have expressed doubt about Roberts….but it is hard to determine what his “game” is.

German foreign minister lies his head off…

August 17, 2017

Surprising as it may seem,the German Foreign Minister is JEWISH.It’s surprising because… the media keeps reminding people, the Jews in Germany were all killed by Nazis…6 million of  ’em.

Sigmar GABRIEL….as in Peter Gabriel as in the zio pop band GENESIS as in the Old Testament.

Yup the Zio-Kraut is a Jew….and there will be plenty more of those in the German government……Merkel being the most obvious.

Gabriel has expressed his shock at the attack in Spain….all the usual stuff you get from the crypto Jewish leaders of the major European countries.

NOTE…Macron The French president is a homosexual crypto Jew with a fake wife.May is sold by the Jewish controlled media as the daughter of a vicar….she might be….but she is DEFINITELY a crypto Jew.

Funny innit that while these leaders express their condolences to the victims….THEY DO NOTHING TO STOP THE INVASION OF EUROPE….NOTHING.

Well actually their actions or lack of action is due entirely to their carrying out a hidden agenda….to destroy the identity of Europe…..These same traitors control the media and use it to brainwash the public into committing cultural suicide.

The more hatred these bombers cause for Muslims…the BETTER IT IS FOR ISRAEL….which is one of the objectives of the racist fiends in Israel.

NOW ISRAELS PROBLEMS HAVE BECOME EUROPES PROBLEMS….and they are not finished yet….the JEWS in Israel,will in due course start arming Muslims in Europe….that will be a few years down the track….perhaps when they have got their long planned third world war up and running.

Germans need to start wising up and developing the ability to recognise crypto Jews….LIKE GABRIEL,LIKE MERKEL…..LIKE THE BANKERS WHO CONTROL GERMAN FINANCE,LIKE THE GIANT SUPERMARKET CHAINS.

IT WAS JEWS LIKE THIS WHO PROVIDED FREE HUGELY EXPENSIVE SUBMARINES TO ISRAEL….it was a robbery carried out in plain sight….by crypto Jews masquerading as Germans.

Paul Craig Roberts makes very good point..

August 17, 2017

Why are the anti fascist rabble rousers aligning themselves against Trump when he promises to reduce tensions with Russia (and stay out of conflicts in the Middle East.)

Instead they align themselves with the “neo conservatives” who are doing their level best to ignite more conflict in the Middle East… would think antifa would be dead against more civilians dying AND the arms companies making more billions out of conflicts???.

But this is the whole point….The JEWS want to ignite more conflict in the Middle East….that’s the plan….under which they hope to steal more land for the Greater Israel scam….and force American non political Jews to shift to Israel….

As far as Adelson in Las Vegas and Soros go….the more conflict the better.(hence Soros funding the invasion of Europe by African “refugees”.)

The zio-Jews have their “operatives” in all Western Countries….I had a couple of them hanging around yesterday….I spotted the oil slick on the pavement BEFORE I actually identified them….the ability to do this only comes from years of experience….

ALL OF THE current troubles in America can be traced back to the Jewish elite….the offshoring of jobs the massive financial corruption….Jews are not known as “nation wreckers” for the hell of it.Henry Ford recognised all this stuff ….if you rounded up all the leading Jewish bankers and put them in jail there would be a huge drop off in wars.If there are any statues of Ford in the US….the statue topplers will show up in the near future…..

Have you ever seen anything more sinister than statues being torn down in the dead of night in the USA… “avoid conflict”….America is supposed to be a free and open society…..

British historical dramas….politically correcting the past

August 17, 2017

The poms have a penchant for making historical dramas they tend to concentrate on the goings on of the upper classes leading up to the end of the second world war….

They are often lavish affairs with expensive sets.Sometimes you might get a series like the Monocled Mutineer (which has not dated) depicting the grim existence of the average punter.There is a scene in this production depicting a coal miner having a bath in  tin tub in the sitting room of his house….(Aussies and Kiwis on their OE in the sixties and early seventies were often most put out they could take a shower (or just as often a bath) only once a week and that was Lugury.But at least they didn’t have to lick road clean wit  tongue….if they were loocky.)

Obviously the powers that be in Britain did not like the tone of this series and seem to have steadfastly refused to run repeats of it…..might give the average pom funny ideas.

So Britain at that time was a grossly unequal sort of a place….the uber rich had all the available wealth tied up in their hands and the remainder was left to the average pom to scrabble after.(Kiwis today are beginning to experience something like this today….with the GNP having been hoovered up by a whingeing wealth class….a lot of the wealth having been come by what you could call quasi corruption at the top….or simply outright corruption…..soon farms in NZ will be predominantly owned by absentee landowners living in cities.This is the natural progression of things…..which obviously needs to be checked….as suggested by Thomas Jefferson.)

However there is another problem with historical dramas….in Orwellian Britain…..and it takes some crafty script writing to correct it…..that is,to politically correct the past as was suggested in Orwells 1984.

There were very few alien immigrants living in Britain in the past….a minuscule number…..How DO you get around that one?.

Well you can always lie straight out and simply ignore historical accuracy OR you can sort of fudge around the edges of this major problem.

Ideally you can squeeze in “race mixing” ….but in a secretive furtive way.Women who had sex with Blacks for example can be depicted as awfully brave and daring.The Jewish script writers…..for some “unknown” reason like to have blonde women having sex with blacks.You might get a posh hoity toity floosy getting down and dirty with a thirties Goodluck Jonathan….just for example.

Britain’s obsession with historical dramas COULD have another reason.The present is simply too awful to contemplate….like the mass rape of English women by Pakistani immigrants just for example…or worse the attempted cover up while the raping was still going on….or the fact that half of London’s population is no longer English.Naturally if people in Britain in the late 1940s could have looked into a Crystal ball and seen this there would have been an immediate revolution.Like a frog sitting in a bowl of slowly heating water,coming to the boil….they simply have not recognised the ruination of their country….not helped by a media which has sold the ruination.THE HOSTILE TROJAN HORSE MEDIA…..perhaps the single most threat to Western Civilisation.

You can see at first hand the corrosive effect of the British media first hand by accessing the Daily Mail….there is not a single day that goes by when they are NOT featuring stories about the Windsor Billionaires….well…they do steer clear of some stories….like the Windsors close association with the insane Jewish villain ,Saville (made several visits to Israel…just in case anyone is under the illusion he was a real Catholic)

British Labour MP forced to resign after speaking truth.

August 17, 2017

She said Pakistani men are raping English girls.A factual statement.

Corbyn  a crypto Jew….accepted her (forced) resignation.

This situation REEKS of conspiracy….a conspiracy to destroy people who speak up and tell the truth.

This situation will arrive in NZ and Australia…..give it twenty years.THE SAME PEOPLE ARE RESPONSIBLE…THE CRYPTO JEWISH ELITE.


Now go to the infamous Barbara Spectre You Tube video.But DONT go to certain parts of Sweden/Stockholm..very dangerous areas for Europeans.

How did Stockholm go from a peaceful harmonious city to THIS???.

A treacherous masonic/crypto Jewish elite IMPOSING THIS on Swedes and selling it via the Swedish media…WHICH THEY CONTROL.

New NZ TV1 political poll simply NOT credible.

August 17, 2017

The poll states that support for the NZ First Party has dropped off…..LIE 1.That support for the Greens Party has dropped below the point where the Greens can enter parliament.LIE2.

It seems that the leader of the NZ First Party is receiving the “non person” treatment from NZs controlled media…that is it is being totally ignored….way beyond what you would expect…..figures….ANY political party in the West which promises to bring third world Immigration under control….is actively discriminated against by the controlled media…FACT.

It has been suggested that Marine Le Pens party received the “treatment”….and ballot papers were sabotaged.

The New World Orderists prefer women who have not had children…like Merkel and May….AND NZs former lesbian zio-Prime Minister Helen Clark.

Kiwis….if they can be bothered…should compare THIS poll with the actual election result…..keep a record of it.

The “GREAT” thing about these polls and the polling companies that organise them is……they are NEVER held accountable for being wrong… in effect anybody to could hold a poll and announce the result and have just as much authenticity as official polls.

It seems that NZers are being persuaded to vote for the two OFFICIAL parties…..JUST LOOK WHERE THAT HAS TAKEN AMERICA IN THE LAST 20 YEARS…..down the fucking toilet because of vast political corruption in concert with the Jewish bankers on Wall Street.

Zio-Bush cuckoo’s chirp up.

August 17, 2017

Let’s get one thing straight on these crooks…..The Bush family are crypto Jews…..thus their recent comments about Trump make perfect sense…..America has now got rid of the the Bush and Clinton dynasties but they refuse to leave the scene of the crime.

Obama,The Bushes and Clinton’s all belong to the same network despite belonging to different political parties.

ALL OF THE ABOVE WOULD KNOW THE REAL STORY OF 9/11….that it was a false flag organised by powerful elite Jews in both America and Israel….that makes them traitors.

Then there is the scurrilous little shit Jeff Sessions…..he has thrown in his pennyworth too….it is NOT a coincidence that Sessions is a crypto Jew…or the odious John McCain….another member of the gang.

Trump DID make a valid comment which you would expect any truly independent president to make…Washington the first president kept slaves…..will they be pulling down HIS statues.(Incidently Washington may have been a crypto Jew,he CERTAINLY was a Freemason).

Seth, Meyers & Colbert…..all US late night talk show hosts.

August 16, 2017

Besides being a bunch of utter fuckwits they have something else in common….THEY ARE ALL JEWS.

How can that be in a,country which only has a,small percentage of Red Sea Pedestrians/pederasts.

First the number of Jews in the USA is heavily understated….second JEWS TOTALLY CONTROL THE US MEDIA.Third Jews practice concealed racism….the JEWS who own the networks give other Jews applying for jobs….preferential treatment.


Does Trump know something the US public don’t?.

August 16, 2017

Is he mentioning both sides in the Charlottesville controversy NOT because he wants to be impartial but rather the US intelligence service…like the FBI for example….have tipped off the Jewish politicians in Washingstein that there is serious trouble brewing in middle America…..very serious dissatisfaction with how America has been governed AND a growing awareness amongst European Americans about the length and breadth of Jewish Power…..thanks entirely to the internet.

Top Tip for Americans… very aware that the Jews will be attempting to infiltrate and lead any groups opposed to Jewish Power….From recent TV reports many of the leaders of groups opposing antifa seem to be distinctly Jewish in appearance.