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John McEnroe….your classic crypto Jew.

June 28, 2017

You won’t read anywhere that the tennis punk John “you CANNOT be serious” McEnroe is a Jew….but he sure as hell is.

There are a few pointers toward this…his behaviour on court for example…..but more importantly,the ethnicity of his two wives.The first one was the daughter of the Hollywood actor Ryan O’Neil and his latest one Patty Smith.(punk rocker formerly married to Richard Hell also a Jew punk rocker)…both entertainment industry related Jewesses.

Let’s not forget McEnroes current job…working in the media commenting on tennis matches…an occupation that is predominantly Jewish.

It is possible he is a Marrano Jew…that is a Jew who outwardly maintains he is a Catholic…like John Kerry.

Gilad Atzmon the ex jew…or so he reckons.

June 28, 2017

Atzmon is making money from the holocau$t industry by opposing it!!.

He is not an “ex jew” as he makes out.All his buddies are other Jews!!.

He also refuses to admit the existence of CRYPTO JEWS….which is always a good sign that Jews like Atzmon are fakes.

Today he was lauding the fact that Britain stood up for Corbyn after accusations of antisemitism were made against Corbyn….

But this is YET ANOTHER JEWISH SCAM…..since Corbyn is almost certainly himself a Jew….or more accurately a crypto Jew.Global Jews Incorporated ALWAYS seek to control BOTH parties.

Miliband vs Cameron BOTH JEWS.


So the bearded weirdo CORBYN is pulling a fast one.NOTHING THESE POLITICIANS SAY OR DO CAN BE TRUSTED… is as simple as that.

Britain has not had a non Jew as PM since the sixties.

Atzmon is a fat trumpet blowing Israeli conman…and would make the perfect mossad spy….maybe he is just that.

Muslim immigrant kills doctor in Australia….

June 28, 2017

He king hit the doctor after the doctor told him to stop smoking outside the hospital.

To educate a surgeon to such a high level takes hundreds of thousands of dollars….and in a flash it is all destroyed.

Okay now switch on your Jewish run television station…..The Jews will keep insisting multiculturalism is good and it is racist to say it is nothing of the fucking sort.

You’ll continue to have CRYPTO Jews leading demonstrations in support of continued third world immigration…up until one of THEIR relatives is killed by one of the invaders.

Politicians will continue to instruct the police and intelligence services to target and persecute Europeans who object to the invasion….The Jewish run media will continue to have programs about “white supremacists”….

You think a doctor’s death by the hand of an immigrant will stop them??…Not a chance…..Muslims immigrants brought into Germany by the Jewess MERKEL have raped and murdered several German women…and CHILDREN…and they are still POURING INTO GERMANY.

Crimes rates have skyrocketed in areas with a lot of invaders.


So what if a doctor has been murdered by a Muslim immigrant….big deal put it down the memory hole until the next one happens…

NOTE:The Jewish controlled British govt kindly assisted the Muslim invasion by helping them build a giant mosque right at the centre of London….CLEAR evidence of a conspiracy….The more diverse a nation the LESS chance of Jewish Power being threatened.

Aussies should keep in mind that Turnbull is a Jew and will,if necessary,deploy the Australian secret police against anyone who criticises Jews and their HUGE power….and influence.

Grant Daltonstein Jewish Americas Cup big shot.

June 28, 2017

Dalton is a nasty piece of work he targeted a yachting journalist who had the audacity to criticise him…and went about using his influence to cut off employment opportunities for Montgomery….This is an example of an internecine spat because Montgomery is also a Jew.

So how come so many Jews are involved in the Americas Cup???….Easy…one word $$$MONEY$$$….loads of money.Top end yachting is a rich Jews sport….it USED to be a rich Europeans sport….but as in the American government itself…The Jews have ousted the competition..

The repulsive Beckheims and their mates the Ramsays.

June 28, 2017

Only in 21st Century Britain could ignoramuses like the Beckheims amass £100,000,000 (probably more)..

They are crypto Jews of course…a fact NEVER mentioned in the media.Victoria Beckheim once had Hebrew lettering tattooed along her spine…but has since had it removed.

The fact that the Swearing Cook Gordstein Ramsberg is mates with these two cretinous fuckwits says a lot….Strange as it may seem Ramsay is NOT a Red Sea Pedestrian…a pederast perhaps but not a pedestrian…The crucial point to note here is…according to the Jews race regulations “Jewishness” is passed on via the mother….so no worries for Gordstein his wife is a full blown jewess…thus he has a passport to achieve success in the Jewish run media.

There is something fishy about Ramsay but it is hard to pin point it.

So all of Ramsays hatchlings are Jews.

As for the Beckheim hatchlings…if they did not have rich parents they would be living in a council ‘ouse….THEY ARE ALL AS THICK AS PLANKS….DROPKICKS,every one of them.

Obviously the Beckham’s at least would be targeted by the mob,if law and order broke down….because they are common as muck….and have ideas above their station.

Matthew McConaughy…film star.

June 28, 2017

He is a Jew if course….as is his Latina type wife.

Strange as it may seem NO mention is ever made of his ethnicity……

Put it this way….you could count on one hand the number of Hollywood actors who are NOT Jews….if any!’

Obviously Jewish racism is alive and well in the movie industry….The point is….when are Americans going to realise they are being discriminated against by racist Jews….PARTICULARLY if the are Europeans….

Another high profile crypto Jew film star is Leonardo De Caprio…but,once again,there is no mention anywhere of his ethnicity….need it be said…ALL newspapers and magazines are owned by Jews

NZ gets new US ambassador…no prizes for guessing his ethnicity

June 28, 2017

Scott Brown….former centerfold model is taking up the job.He is a crypto Jew of course and a mate of Trump-steen.

Jews have taken over the US govt,lock stock and barrel….and from here on in things are not going to go well for Americans…..Jews ALSO control what will become the American Secret Police Homeland Security…all a replay of what happened in Eastern Europe.There is now a former KGB spy acting as president of Russia.

A centerfold model acting as an ambassador is precisely what you would expect from a corrupted nation like the USA….it will likely be  a few decades before a horse is elected to the US Senate.

Right now it looks like the Jews who control the US Govt are planning another false flag attack in Syria…The poisonous gas tactic….ALL  in the interests of ISRAEL….. OF COURSE…..NOT AMERICA.

Daily Mail hacks have problem with ethnic identification.

June 27, 2017

Although the Mails Jewish journalists do not have any difficulty identifying white racists,infact the zio-hacks seem to have built in radar for spotting them…they DO have problems successfully identifying other ethnicities….which is a bit if a mystery.

For example…..A whole bunch of British Africans went on the rampage in Portugal just recently.The Portugese police had to fire shots to regain order.

All the photos of the riot seemed to be blurred so individual rioters were hard to identify.

Not a dicky bird about the ethnicity of the rioters….WTF??.

Background:.The Jews who control Britain have imported millions of third world immigrants into Britain (the CRYPTO Jewish elite…like for example,The Windsors or Boris Johnstein or Nick Clegg…there are LOADS of them)

Crypto Jews also run the newspapers…which go out of their way to cast Europeans as RACISTS….but ALSO disguise wrong doing by other ethnicities.When crypto Jews appear in court they are cast as European….just occasionally Jewish criminals are identified…like the slum landlord Rachman (his mates….The Kray Twins…were called Catholics….but like John Kerry,were not Catholics at all,but crypto Jews)

And for the reality check….there’s no better place than the Jews HQ….ISRAEL.

While Europe is FULL OF WHITE RACISTS ….especially those who object to having their country invaded by Africans and Arabs…Israel on the other hand immediately incarcerates refugees from Africa and deports them.All of this goes unreported by the Jewish owned and operated media in Britain??!.

So it’s a case of “British tourists riot in Portugal”…..

Needless to say,the British media is used by the zio-elite to mislead the public…in the interests of Jewish Power.

According to the Daily Mail Jews suffer eternal persecution for no reason…The Mail is forever running WW2 Jewish suffering articles….along with Nazi related stuff.This does not happen by chance.

Meantime “Sir Phillip Green”the TopShop criminal is still at large basking in Mediterranean sunshine…pretty much a replay of Robert Maxwell and his gigantic theft.NOTE:His hatchlings are as rich as ever….his daughter Ghislaine was at one time procuring young teenage girls for a billionaire Jew to prey on….all of this escapes the notice of the British media…and NOT BY CHANCE either.


Frau Merkel says she’ll consider legalizing gay marriage….

June 27, 2017

It’s all nonsense of course,total nonsense and just a means to manipulate public opinion…..The crypto jewess was ALWAYS going to introduce gay marriage…but first the German population had to be conditioned to the idea….softened up so to speak….with regular fudgepacker promos in the Jewish controlled German media.

Did you know there are now THREE sexes….The German govt now recognises that there are three sexes….

Of course there are NOT three sexes but this stuff is brought to you by the same people who tell you it is good that Germany offers asylum to two million sub Saharan illiterate peasants many of whom carry highly contagious health problems.


It seems the very cornerstones of society are being assaulted….it is the usual suspects of course.

Cuba still a vicious police state…away from the tourist areas.

June 27, 2017

Keep in mind the Castro’s are crypto Jews.(like the PM of Jamaica)

In contrast to other Caribbean islands Cuba does not have the drugs and violent crime Jamaica for example…..yet..Before Castro took over Cuba was an absolute cesspit of crime and exploitation…The Jewish mafia had a fucking field day.

Trouble is Cuba has exchanged one set of Jewish criminals for another lot.

A documentary on the island (by a BBC Jew…of course)…said that ” political dissidents were followed closely and harassed and sometimes jailed”….Ah yes just like Britain and the whole of Europe today…..IF the “dissident” should be as unwise as to criticise the ruling elite….THE JEWS.The French comedian Duodonnie (probably incorrect spelling) would vouch for that one….NO WORRIES…..and it is going to get worse.