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Hungary touted as one of the first nations to follow Jew-Trumps lead on shifting embassy to Jerusalem

December 16, 2017

If this does indeed happen it will cast a whole new light on WHO is running Hungary…..

Developments awaited with interest.

Shine TV…..”Christian” tv channel in NZ.

December 16, 2017

It is not really a Christian channel….it is a propaganda channel preaching “new age” Christianity…..ITS FOCUS IS ALWAYS ON ISRAEL…..which gives you an idea what it is REALLY about.

The Channel just featured a “news” item about Jerusalem relating to JEW-Trumps recent embassy bullshit (infact planned several decades ago…they just needed the right Jew-president to introduce it)

The item featured a WEAK AS PISS GOYIM REPORTER who would give a new definition to sycophancy…..allowing one of those baby abusing rabbis to say what he liked without question….

The extended news item was interspersed with ad breaks as usual….one of which featured JOYCE MEYER….

Joyce Meyer,like Joel Osteen and Benny Hinn is a crypto Jew……SHE IS HUGELY RICH off the backs of INCREDIBLY GULLIBLE AMERICANS.

She owns MULTIPLE GIANT HOUSES….houses in Cape Cod and purportedly a very large ocean capable yacht…..

In short Meyer (a common Jewish surname) is an utterly corrupt scumbag who should be shot on sight.

Her bodyguard,well one of them ,shot his family….massacred them….it gives you an idea of the type of people surrounding this jewess….most of whom would be very ignorant of anything outside their immediate world…..certainly most would not suspect Meyer of anything but the character she portrays at her giant meetings.

IS IT ANY WONDER THAT AMERICANS ARE PREYED APON BY THE JEWS….they wouldn’t get away with this in any other country….with perhaps the exception of third world countries with poor literacy……Brazil could turn into a gold mine for these NUEVA CHRISTIANS…no wonder the sub-human Benny Hinn shows up there!!.

The Jews use these new age Christians to assist in the Jews control of the US GOVT……it is as simple as that.

Obviously if Americans ever have a revolution these fakes and imposters undermining Christianity would be on the bucket list.

Ed Sheeran ….glorified underground busker.

December 16, 2017

HOW do you explain his success….there are a number of factors involved…..right time at the right place sorta thing.Public state of mind might at the right point to favour an introspective love warbler playing tunes on an acoustic guitar….a bit like James Blunt (a crypto Jew like Sheeran)

Whatever the reason…..The MAIN reason is ……Sheeran is a Jew, and therefore has all the right contacts to prosper in the music industry.

NZ has its own version of rusty nuts…Lorde…..she is basically basic and is completely uncoordinated….but is of the “right” ethnicity…..Jewish.

Of course following the revolution poor old,now rich old Ed. The Jew would be arrested for duping the public.

His music is NOTHING that has not been heard before….there is NO originality at all…,zero,nada.

Sheehan is a bit like another high profile crypto Jew Russel Brand….all image no substance…..Brand is actually not far removed from being a cretin…this might be down to all the drugs he has consumed??.

Guardian runs article on extreme poverty in the US.

December 15, 2017

BUT…..does not address the fundamentals…..

Put it like this….if you shift all your jobs offshore

If you allow multinationals to escape taxation

If you allow the top ten percent to hide their assets offshore

Of course you are going to get poverty…

Then if you import MILLIONS of third world immigrants who displace Americans and lower wages.


Keep in mind Germany… the early twentieth century….Mass unemployment huge inflation,poverty….ALL TURNED AROUND in a few short years while the rest of the world was mired in the depression…..

America could achieve the same BUT NOT WHILE THE JEWS HOLD THE COUNTRY HOSTAGE…..shipping off BILLIONS of dollars of badly needed money to give aid to a country with a higher per capita income!!!!….ISRAEL.


WHO IS DOING IT….POWERFUL JEWISH INTERESTS IN PARLIAMENT….who have allowed financial JEWISH criminals to rob NZ and NZers blind…..

One thing is for sure things are going to have to change in America…..but the Jews grip on that country is like a vice.

Again Americans have been duped into voting for a lying crypto Jew…..Their next trick will be to elect a jewess as president and they’ll make a huge fuss about it in the media too…like they did with Obama…..and like Obama she will DO NOTHING to change the status quo…..A country ruled by Jews is a country on the road to destruction…..

David Icke…he has made some groundbreaking studies on Shapeshifting LizardsĀ©….A.K.A …Jews

December 15, 2017

Basically he maintains that “Rothschild Zionists” are actually Shape Shifting Lizards….and not human at all.

Two obvious examples that would support Ickes groundbreaking theory are Adelson (Las Vegas gangster) and Harvey Weinstein.

Obviously these two have faulty shapeshifting mechanisms because of their incomplete transition to human form…..?!.

Somehow these two alien lizards travel from their base inside the moon (which is hollow) to earth….. where they prey on humans….

Theresa Mays facial features would tend to support Ickes theories…. close up photos of May,particularly in profile have a certain “cold bloodedness” about them….you could easily imagine May snapping at any passing insects….just for example.

Meagan Markles legs DO remind you of some lizards in Africa…..

We can only rely on Icke to provide more info on this subject!.He has postulated that the Komodo Island lizards are actually the remnants of a once flourishing Jewish retirement home!….and the photographs you see of them on BBC Planet Earth were formerly (for example) Mr and Mrs Goldstein of Palm Springs.

Iraqianese beauty contestant receives deaf fhreats.(Sarah Idan)

December 15, 2017

She was shown cuddling up to the Israeli contestant (pre shape shift at 30)

Of course these beauty contests are more about politics than anything else….they are usually corrupt and run by Jews who prey on contestants who are stupid enough to believe their lies. (The Weinstein syndrome)

Because of the Iraqi contestant being too friendly with the Israeli one….she has received loads of death threats and has had to flee the country.

But there is another consideration ….that Sara Idan is actually a crypto Jew!! (Baghdad used to have a lot of Jews living there…..including the notorious Sassoons….The international drug dealers who made a fortune by importing tonnes of opium into China using American and British gunboats to enforce the importation.)

Keep in mind that large parts of Iraq are within the “Greater Israel plan”.

Jamie Oliver allows his kids to swear on just one day a year….according to the Mail.

December 15, 2017

Christmas day…..

This all sounds very odd…MOST people would ban their children from swearing on Christmas day??!.

Explanation….Oliver is a crypto Jew….that is a Jew who does not advertise his ethnicity.

Jews have an irrational hatred of Jesus and any celebrations….like Christmas.

There is something fundamentally wrong with these people….they can live within other societies and become rich and yet conceal their hatred….and this behaviour lasts over generations.Why doesn’t he take his pathetic pub cookery and Spivvy cockney patter and go live in Israel….where he can be like Sarah Silverman the absolutely gross jewess comedian and say she would “kill Jesus again”.

From Happy Christmas to Happy Holidays…The transitional phase.

December 15, 2017

You can’t simply impose the idea of Happy Holidays….not in a democracy anyway….nor can you go around destroying churches as the Jews did in the Soviet Union.

First you have to get the people accustomed to the idea that Happy Holidays is an acceptable alternative for Happy Christmas…..

That is precisely what is happening to the “Great Satan” i.e. America today.

Shows like Ellen Degenerate (lesbian jewess) mixes things up a little by predominantly using Happy Holidays and occasionally throwing in Happy Christmas.

Once Americans are accustomed to this “Happy Christmas” will gradually fade away……

AND if the giant Menorah outside the Whitehouse is anything to go by….an increase in the incidence of “Hannuka” being spoken of will increase….

When will,if ever, genuine mainstream Christians notice all this.Remember we are not talking about FAKE Christians like Benny Hinn who invites Rabbi’s onto his stage show….or another one like Ruth Meyer.Both of these two are crypto Jews.

They had BETTER notice AND do something about it otherwise Global Jewry is going to destroy Christianity.Strangely enough the fiends are having trouble with third world Christians who are proving difficult by not (for example) approving of homosexuality.

The anti Christmas/christian bias of the Jewish run media in America is now becoming noticeable to even the dumbest Christian….Christianity is routinely mocked by the show Family Guy….which is hardly surprising since it is entirely produced by media Jews….it is the cumulative effect…..of course,not isolated examples.

Then of course the Jews are swamping western countries with Muslim immigrants ….Jews get away with this by adopting the identity of the host country…..crypto Jews in other words.

If people in Europe KNEW that Macron,May and Merkel are actually Jews then they could put two and two together.

Never mind the BS that May is “the daughter of a vicar” ….it is just another lie.

The fact that Prince Charles was circumcised by a Rabbi….is not a lie.

Paul McCartney to hold concert in NZ….

December 14, 2017

Looks like Macca is getting a free summer holiday from freezing Britain…Before booking check his performance at the Olympics….he wasn’t even singing in tune!!!.

No doubt Zio-Macca and his American Zio-WIFE will take a spin around hugely expensive resorts in NZ.

Most likely McCartney will bring a team of support singers and high powered electronics to cover up his out of tune warbling.

The trouble is some of these pop stars don’t know when to call it a day….it’s the “Buzz” they are after rather than the money….McCartney is worth HUNDREDS of millions of pounds… doubt some of it donated to Jewish causes….perhaps bullet purchases for the suffering Jews in Israel.

Mindless sycophantic pap….The Daily Mail and the Zio-Octoroon addition to the ongoing soap opera…The Windsor-steins

December 14, 2017

According to the latest Mail headline Meghan Markle has transformed the Royal Family……It is utter pap of course….absolute drivel…maybe the writer is on a retainer for the Windsors?….

It is just possible the gormless kid Harry and his exotic actress wife are going to go for the adoption routine common with many high profile celebrities like Madonna and that skinny fruitcake Angelina.

Hey why not adopt a third world kid…it will hasten the decline of Britain…..may,as well get it over with….as the moron class in Britain copy their example.

The ArchBiship-hop of Canterbury who is a crypto Jew….. incidently,……has joined the fray and praised the faith and fun of the couple…..QUESTION…will they do the glass smashing trick in public or will they do it behind closed doors (the origin of this nonsense is Jewish)……

Judging from Daily Mail comments there are still plenty of Poms in touch with reality…..mocking the toady journalist mercilessly!!.