British Jews beginning to leave for pastures new.

June 27, 2017

They began invading Britain in numbers at the beginning of the 20 th Century….many were illegal immigrants.

Pretty much all the levers of power are now 100 years later,in their hands.

They have got Britain in wars that do not benefit the country and have used British armed forces to fight THEIR wars in the Middle East.

But,worst of all they completely control the media and as a result are able to shape public opinion….thus MASS ALIEN IMMIGRATION into Britain is constantly promoted by the media…along with the “white racism” racket.

As a result of all this many Jews are leaving Britain and finding a new host to exploit…nuthin’ like fresh grass to mow…..BEFORE the host realises what’s going on.

A lot of them are settling in coastal regions in Spain…where their knowledge of British tourists gives them an edge…over locals.Gordon Ramsay (wife a tribe member) the swearing cook did one of his restaurant rehabs on the Costa del Sol where a bunch of Cockney Jews were running a restaurant…They were actually greasier than the chips they were serving…and could have passed for Spanish peasants with added guile and cunning.See the Goyim eventually forgets what happened in the past and the threat posed by the Jews to their way of life…so they lower their guard…bingo,back they come and the whole cycle starts again.

After wrecking Britain’s identity with mass alien immigration and vast corruption (Maxwell,Green,Fred the shed etc)….it’s time to move on…By all accounts they are now taking over West Australia with Jewish expats from South Africa….after they wrecked that country.(see East European Jew..Joe Slovo..).large Jewish multinationals are still extracting mineral wealth from South Africa.Sol Kerzner who set up “Sun city” has left town and is now based in America and the Caribbean.White South Africans face the possibility of genocide at the hands of the blacks….by which time South Africans will have forgotten how they found themselves in this position.Slovo the Jewish communist will be a distant memory.

Some Jews are even shifting back to Germany!!….with decades of brainwashing by the Jewish TV…Germans will be an obliging host,for a while at least,by which time their identity will have been submerged under the heaving mass of sub Saharan immigrants….(see the infamous Barbara Spectre You Tube video)’

Britain is in trouble….and it COULD have been avoided IF the suicidal Jewish promoted and organised immigration invasion had been prevented.

Tim Batt….idiocy reigns supreme on NZ television.

June 27, 2017

He fronts a light entertainment type interview show….AND IT IS TRULY FUCKING AWFUL….

It goes without saying Batt has the required amount of Jewish ancestry to work in the media (East European)..

Needless to say he promotes third world immigration and uses the commonly employed Marxist trick…”we are all immigrants anyway”

But the worse thing is….he is a COMPLETE MORON and not a thing he says is remotely funny….not a thing.It is all rather like American humour…you tell people it is funny then run a soundtrack of laughter…to persuade people to laugh….The herd instinct takes over.

Has Batt got the full compliment of PC credentials….does he pack fudge or burgle butts…..

Just because the television tells people “Tim Batt is a very popular comedian”…does not mean it is true…your response should be…”Yeah they WOULD say that wouldn’t they”‘

The last humorist to appear on NZ TV was the cartoonist Tom Scott….and even he was at times not funny….although his cartoons were consistently good.

NZ is rapidly turning into a mini America which has THE MOST IDIOTIC TELEVISION IN THE WORLD….they are even giving awards to the Kiwi zio-warbler Lorde…WTF….

NZ wins the Americas cup…The govt WILL be pleased

June 26, 2017

If anything represents the rise of corporate government the Americas Cup does it…..disguised fascism in other words….Big multinational corporations battling it out in multimillion dollar yachts….

The government will be happy that’s for sure…it will take NZers minds off the fact that NZers are amongst the lowest paid workers in the OECD…while the NZ Prime Minister gets paid a higher salary than Britain’s Prime Minister…a country with a huge GDP.

Meantime NZ workers themselves are being displaced by mass alien immigration….

This win has little to do with the average NZer….unlike the Rugby World Cup….but this fact did not deter the elite from stealing MILLIONS of dollars from low paid workers in NZ and handing it over to the elites buddies…35.000.000 dollars a pop.The key figures in all this are now multimillionaires….which says it all.

The Jewish mayor of Auckland (dumb) demonstrated his dyslexia by saying the “atmosphere was absolutely PULPABLE”‘….sic…..

The morons of TV3 Breakfast were in full flight behaving like idiotic Americans with artificial bonhommie.One…The dumbarse corporate sycophant Mark Williamson was working very hard to demonstrate his fake enthusiasm with his trademark cheesy grin…..It is very hard to believe but the breakfast IDIOTS were waving small kiwi flags around….when they SHOULD have been waving flags bearing the logo’s of the giant multinationals…..

“Dangerous Roads”…BBC DOCO….there is summit odd abart it….

June 26, 2017

This features Sue Perkins who is a pommie comedienne who,strange as it may seem,is not the least bit funny….AND Charlie Boorman who is just a couple of brain cells short of retard status (a porky version of Forest Gump)

Guess what….they are both Jews!…. which is amazing since the huge majority of people living in Britain are Anglo Saxons….WEIRD.

Charlie’s dad is a rich film prodoocer/director and Sue is yet another Jewish lesbian….

So how is it two Jews are picked to feature in this documentary given that this ethnicity is small in number in Britain?.

No Worries….that’s easy to answer.Jews control the BBC and have a racist employment policy favouring Jews…..easy peasy… they also discriminate against European Poms,unless they are sexual deviants of course.

Hyde and Seek takes a predictable turn.It is after all,produced by Jews.

June 26, 2017

Hyde and Seek is an Aussie cop show/spy type tv thriller.

In the first few episodes it dealt with mooslum terrorists (not mentioned of course…brought into Australia by the Jewish elite)

Things were going well to start with…somehow the tv series has morphed into something else…The Jews have introduced their old favourite “White Supremacists”..Of course the supremacists are suitably nasty in appearance and covered with tattoos…which the average Middle Class Aussie will take on board…subconsciously.

Well let’s examine just how supreme these supremacists are in Australia…

Well almost all billionaires in Australia are not of European ethnicity…that is white…they are Jewish…????.So in the billionaires arena….those White Racists are nothing like supreme.

ALL the media is owned and largely operated by Jewish people…OOPS…there is another example of white supremacy….NOT!

Australias financial system….SURELY Whites can claim supremacy in this vital area…..NO!….people of Semitic ancestry run the show.

Mining….Nope….not supreme….

State governors???……no,The judiciary?…NO….

So this White Supremacy is OBVIOUSLY about something else….

Well Whites are definitely supreme in one area…their actual numbers in Australia.

Who has a vested interest in the denigration of Europeans….well none other than the REAL supremacists…THE JEWS…..

No third world immigrants flooding into Australia….equals no White non supreme Supremacists….kicking back against something they were NEVER consulted about….as is SUPPOSED to happen in a democracy.

When you watch tv shows like this…rather than simply sitting back and absorbing it…..You should actually be studying WHAT effect the script writers want to achieve….The Jewish script writers that is.

The Jews have to be more subtle in their approach than American Jews writing scripts for TV shows in America…Americans being so dumbed down it is easier to put one over them…like you can see with dross like Madame Secretary.

Eventually crypto Jews will infiltrate ASIO and completely take it over like they have done with Homeland Security in the USA.That’ll be about the time Australian living standards start dropping like a stone….and the Jews in Israel will know EVERYTHING that ASIO knows…if they don’t already.

Guess what…The Jews have installed one of their tribe members as Prime Minister…Turnbull multimillionaire and counting.

Almost all the actors on Hyde and Seek are JEWS….

So all this stuff is REALLY to ensure Jews stay in the ascendancy and remain Supreme…..first they have to convince Australians that…Aussies who object to their country being swamped with immigrants are baddies AND White Racists/Supremacists.It is nothing more than very well disguised Jewish propaganda.For a reality check take note of the immigration policy of Israel…you could not find a better example of RACISM in action.

Guess what ethnicity first introduced organised crime into Australia….Jewish….Abraham Saffron a Jew even travelled to Las Vegas to get some pointers from the Jewish filth who set the city up.

FIRST THOUGH…Australians are going to have to learn how to identify CRYPTO JEWS….and there are plenty of those in Australia.The weirdo Jews who wear weird clothing and have inverted saucers on their heads…are the veritable tip of the largely invisible iceberg.

According to media propaganda Jews have been the victims of persecution…in history…..keep in mind Abraham Saffron and the prostitution and vice he was responsible for and amassed millions from….before you fall for that tale of woe.

The rise of the fruity pseudo-posh kiwi accent.

June 26, 2017

Rich poms excel in their snooty-fruity accent ability.They are sort of letting other poms know they went to the “right schools”….some poms mimic the accent…. like some species of insects  which pretend to be highly poisonous by having similar coloration to the REAL deal…

Then there is the nouveau riche of NZ…

Naturally not much is mentioned about the monied class in NZ….doing so may make Kiwis resentful….especially when they realise that a lot of of the bastards have come by their wealth by manipulation of govt legislation or just plain straight out corruption.

Like the famous Marrano yachting hero…none of than “Sir” Michael Fay and his fellow corrupt banker Richwhite.

Having lotsa money does not seem to be enough for many of them….they like to now put on plooty accents.(you find the same sort of thing arising in North East US….)

Wordologists cannot find a better example of this than within the upper end of yachting….they are out in force in the Bahamas following the Americas cup….they wear a particular type of nautical clothing too….no doubt of a particular brand….in short,they are what Kiwis USED to call ” fuckin’ wankers”….’….Toleration of fudgepackers is another feature,since sexual deviance is not uncommon amongst the in crowd.There are a couple of butt burglars in the team NZ with very sore bottoms….and not because they had an accident with a winch handle.

Here’s the thing ,while posh pommy bastards speak with a fruity accent it does not sound artificial…they’ve been carrying on like this for centuries…

But the Nouveau Riche of NZ…??.they sound like the wannabes they are…totally artificial…twats.When will the cunts be angling to privatise the Auckland Grammar school….and steal THAT asset from NZers…like they have stolen so much else.(they want to get hold of this school because of its history)

Wait until the FULL IMPACT of the alien immigration hits home….these wealthy criminals will be so out of reach that they will be unassailable.Rather like Britain today.

Rather than paying taxes they’ll be buying a new ocean going yacht every year…..thanks to the Kiwi middle classes kind generosity….pass the Kalashnikov.

Douglas Murray “immigration will end Great Britain”…not only that!

June 25, 2017

It will end Australia and New Zealand too…!

You can find Murray’s videos on You Tube.

New Zealanders have to understand that it is the Jews in powerful positions of influence who are determining NZs immigration policies….NOT THE CITIZENS OF NZ.


What NZers have to get their head around is that MOST Jews hide their ethnicity….so they masquerade as another ethnicity…Try this for size…ALL,yes ALL the big real estate companies are Jewish owned….but there is NO mention of this FACT,EVER…in the media…because this ethnicity OWNS THE MEDIA.

Saying all this has zero to do with  Nazi crap or fascism… is more to do with Jewish racism….which excludes non Jews from working in the media…because it has so much influence over how people think….

Jews have pulled this sort of trick numerous times in history.Well it is about time it stopped….No country should be totally dominated by ONE ethnic minority which has the audacity to accuse the majority ….racist….when THEY are THE most racially conscious people in the world….their headquarters…ISRAEL…..IS THE MOST RACIALLY EXCLUSIVE STATE IN THE WORLD!!!.


Jonathan Evans former CEO of Filthy Cunts Inc…..MI5..Britains secret police.

June 25, 2017

Stand by for a shock this greasy bald headed cunt is a crypto Jew… should not actually be shocked because the JEWS TOTALLY CONTROL MI5….The increasingly despotic secret police of Britain….

In totalitarian countries Jews in positions such as Evans once was cast off any inhibitions about torture or terror…..they relish their power over the goyim….and don’t hold back.

So dirty Jewish cunts like Evans and Parker are tyrants in waiting….awaiting the time they can give vent to their inner instincts….cruelty unparalleled viciousness…..sorry but that includes their sick penchant for preying on helpless children…(see the Jew Beria)

So although EVANS….SEEMS TO BE A NORMAL human being….he is only constrained by the cultural norms of Britain.

Their posh suits make it difficult to get an angle on them plus their snooty public school accents.Don’t be fooled…these two low life bastards are actually FULL BLOWN CUNTS…..heaven help Britain should the situation ever come about that enables these FIENDS FROM HELL to declare martial law….

Obviously MI5 is a Jewish cornerstone of power,along with the press…not surprisingly they often work in concert.

(We are talking here of the executive level of MI5…..The foot soldiers will have a mixture of crypto and non Jews)

Corrupt crypto Bill “Gumboots” English says “invaders will continue to matter what NZers think”

June 25, 2017

There he was the corrupt short arsed little globalist up on the stage peeping over the podium with the usual Cheshire cat smirk affixed to his dial.

He was promising his land owning mates down on the farm that,yes cheap third world Labour will continue to arrive in their tens of thousands.He did not mention that his mates won’t have to pay when the invaders lose their jobs in the next economic downturn…or for the social costs when the Chinese invaders import huge amounts of drugs.

Let’s get this straight ENGLISH is inherently CORRUPT….he is part of the corrupt cabal that has taken over NZ…they all feather each other’s nest AT THE EXPENSE of the middle class.This pattern has been repeated right across all Western Countries.The most extreme version being in the USA….where the American middle class has been decimated…by elite corruption.And the American middle class is not being given any choice….they have the right to vote for a Jewish controlled party or a Jewish controlled party.This time they were forced to vote for the Jewish imbecile Trump….in the hope he would do something about the third world flood.Totally predictably he has done NOTHING.

With English it is his wife who is obviously Jewish…..

The NZ Labour Party leader (Mr Sweaty)has promised a forty thousand cut in immigration….he wants the votes.

Essentially the problem is JEWISH POWER….this highly organised racially conscious group now controls MOST western countries.Poland is NOT allowing its country to be invaded…this should tell people that the Jews do not control Poland….naturally Poland is routinely abused by the Jewish controlled media in Britain.Poland has a long history of Jewish occupation.During the cold war era…The Jews had Poland in their grip.The secret police were totally in the thrall of the Jews…..and vicious with it.

Currently in NZ the only viable option is to vote NZ FIRST….unless you don’t mind your town being swamped by third world immigrants….

One thing is for sure….sooner or later NZers will HAVE to vote for this party or one like it…..because things are going from bad to worse in all western countries….as FINALLY the inhabitants of those countries realise…..The leadership has ABSOLUTELY NO INTENTION OF STOPPING IT….no matter what is said.

NOTE:…ALL the billionaires in NZ are crypto Jews….and they have enriched themselves at the middle classes expense…..from Sir Bob Jones to Graham Hart they are all as crooked as a three dollar note….but they got suits on….and so did the Jewish mobster Al Capone.

You can quite easily imagine Frau Merkel swinging from a tree…soon enough…make no mistake,the hag from hell is a Jew like the owners of Germany’s two biggest supermarket chains….Lidl and Aldi whose founders “miraculously” survived the holocaust®.Maybe Germans should poison the traitor instead.

Lisa Vanderpump of the hit tv show….said to be worth $40,000,000.

June 24, 2017

She is purportedly from South London.What the media WILL NOT tell you about….is her ethnicity….she is Jewish.The Jews exclude non Jews from Hollywood….unless they are token minorities….for appearances sake.