Lots of mysterious explosions happening in Britain?.

March 4, 2018

The response from government agencies seems to be too immediate?! “Thought not to be terror related”….

It is possible that the Zio dominated Military Intelligence 5 is creating the problem….but don’t expect the Zio Govt to report it.

There have been some unusual events surrounding the American addition to the Windsorsteins operation…..

All speculation of course…..One thing is for sure the Zio dominated British govt cannot keep ignoring the public on the subject of the third world invasion…..this stuff MAY be connected to a recent announcement by a senior British police flunky about activists wishing to stop the authorised invasion of Britain…..

The arrogance of the corrupted British elite is breathtaking….some Poms have had their life savings robbed by pension scheme frauds….it really is a fucking outrage….meantime Jews like “Fred the Shed “go unpunished…. with the connivance of the media of course.

As for Theresa May…..she is beyond a joke…..

NZ hit by Zio-Marxist identity politics.

March 4, 2018

There has been some activity on the net about Simon Bridges calling himself Maori…..

What ¬†the kiwi public SHOULD be discussing is Bridges goggly eyes.Infact the NZ T.A.B. is now offering odds on Bridges eyes being properly aligned on his next ten interviews on TV…..he appears to be slightly crosseyed intermittently??

Simon Bridges was recently interviewed on TV by a “Maori” with startlingly blonde hair….she had a Maori name though…..all of this highlights the absurdities of identity politics.

You can thank the Jewish media mafia for all this nonsense.Jews are THE most race conscious people on the planet….the state of Israel is built on racial exclusivity.

Simon “fleabag”Montifiore..British Zio-historian…The Making of Spain.

March 4, 2018

“Fleabag” as he is endearingly known to his mates….is an arrogant Jewish chap who has made a number of doco’s for British TV. (British TV is controlled by Jews of course….most of the employees would be better described as crypto Jews since their ethnicity is kept under wraps)

When presenting a documentary it is better if the presenter is neutral otherwise bias creeps in and distorts the truth.

So while Fleabag does undeniably produce an interesting documentary on Spain….he lets his ethnicity cloud the facts…..and miss out certain facts.

For example in one episode he interviews a fluent English speaking Spanish historian about the fate of some of his ancestors (Fleabags)….in Mexico who were exposed as Jews….Fleabag neglects to mention that the Spanish historian he is interviewing is actually a modern day crypto Jew!!.

Fleabag does not mention the Robert Maxwell’s,George Soros,or Madoffs of Spain of that time….or Jews who run the pornography and gambling industries in the US….or the Jewish mafia with such luminaries as Al Capone…or the fact that the richest man in Mexico SLIM is a crypto Jew.Or the fact that the leaders of powerful western countries are USUALLY crypto Jews.

So Jews of that period of Spanish history were entirely blameless and never put a foot wrong….picked on by Catholics for no reason at all…..sorry Fleabag but that doesn’t add up.After all during the Middle Ages Jews were famous for their slave trading….this fact even made it to one of the episodes of Fleabags interesting doco.Then there is the unexamined case of FRANCO the Spanish dictator….with the recognisable Sephardic surname (there is a Zio-Creep in Hollywood with this name).Franco the right wing fascist with……..wait for it…..a Moroccan bodyguard….duh!!.

So Fleabag should not have been given the job of presenting this series.A modern day Kenneth Clark would be a better bet…..trouble is there are hardly any non Jewish historians of his calibre left…..the Zio-BBC simply would never allow them past the enquiry desk at BBC HQ.

Of course Fleabag would never examine the Jews responsibility for the fate that befall Russia post 1917.Nor the attack on 9/11….

Today Jews are all powerful…….Montisiore knows all this of course….and revels in it.(his ancestors went from Spain to Italy)

It is conceivable that the Jews of this period in Spanish history murdered the wife of the Spanish King.(covert killing is a Jewish forte which is why the mossad are the leading killers of intelligence agencies…..it is unlikely that Ancient Rome went up in flames a few years after Jerusalem was conquered…by chance.)

Fleabag was particularly upset about the Spanish torture of Jews…..one wonders if he would be as concerned about Jews torturing Palestinians….or that infamous pogrom of Deir Yassin.

The advantages of the control of the media…..BY JEWS……are HUGE…..it is unlikely Kosher Fleabag would have had carte Blanche to front a biased documentary if Jews did not have control of the British media!.

The most remarkable thing about this doco was the mention of Crypto Jews….WHO ARE STILL OPERATING THE SAME SCAM TODAY……JEW-TRUMP for example.If US dummies knew he was a Jew…..THEN his pardon of the JewishKosherKriminal would have been exposed immediately.!!.

Question…How DO American joke politicians get elected in the USA.

March 3, 2018

….For the ¬†answer simply tune into Big Time Wrestling matches and closely observe the audience.

A greater line up of cretins you will not find.

Infact if you attend these Wrestling matches….you should be automatically barred from voting……unless there is a war looming….where the attendees can be placed on the front line….

Jewish billionaire sells steel stock just prior to Trumps tariff proposal on…..steel.

March 3, 2018

Keep in mind that Trump is of the same ethnicity as Icahn the Jewish billionaire (wealth…about 17 billion dollars).

This is the same insider knowledge that enabled the owner of the World Trade Buildings to hugely increase the insurance cover of the asbestos filled towers.It goes without saying that Silverstein is a JEW.(This scam involved the Australian billionaire LOWY…who emigrated from ISRAEL….and now owns huge interests in Shopping Centres….including in NZ).

When one ethnic group controls the wealth of a country…..this corruption is precisely what you should expect.Graeme Hart the NZ billionaire (wealth…circa 10 billion)….got his seed money for global asset stripping via an elaborate scam involving the sell off of NZ public owned assets…..so,necessarily this involved corruption in the NZ Parliament…..sophisticated high level corruption.

NZ is not immune from global Jewish elite corruption….not by a long shot….despite the BS reports that NZ is free of corruption.Yeah….tell that one to the crypto Jewish Merchant Bankers FAY and RICHWHITE….they’ll be laughing all the way to the Swiss Bank.

QUESTION….are THEY paying ANY tax at all?.

So this utterly corrupt insider trader….ICAHN….will he face justice?.

Well since the machinery of the US GOVT is run by Jews and since Jew Trump pardoned a serious Jewish financial criminal….THAT IS A STUPID QUESTION.

Well will the fourth estate expose Icahn….that’s their function after all.No chance…..the mention of Icahn will gradually recede from view…Other Jewish billionaires own the media!.

This business could be a distraction device…..because Trumps predictable betrayal on gun laws is having serious blowback….as dumbed down Americans finally realise they have been fucked over again….like The Nobel Peace Prize winner did a few years ago.(Obama is half Jewish)

Question:How many miles of the wall on the Mexican border have been completed?…..

Hillary Clinton the corrupt Jewess has not been “locked up”….

Australian and New Zealand Prime Ministers meet up in Sydney

March 2, 2018

Absent from any report on the subject is the fact both leaders are JEWS…or more accurately crypto Jews.

They can discuss subjects like the immigration problem….that is the invasion of both countries by third world immigrants…..THE PROBLEM THAT THEY AND THEIR PREDECESSORS CAUSED.

Almost ALL of the billionaires in BOTH countries are JEWS.The media in BOTH COUNTRIES is owned and largely staffed by Jews.

This is the media which in NZ announces “there is a housing shortage caused by growth in population” while NEVER EVER mentioning where the population growth came from!!!…..IMMIGRATION….UNCONTROLLED IMMIGRATION.


Currently the global Jewish elite is laying the groundwork for a massive war…..in a time of war they will be able to suspend civil rights….giving them carte Blanche to do as they please.

If you allow your relatives to sign up in the armed forces you are being an utter fool.

The only circumstances in which NZers should fight is if Australia is directly attacked.Currently Australia and NZ ARE BEING INVADED WITH THE TREACHEROUS ASSISTANCE OF THE JEWISH ELITE…..

Prince Willheim to visit Israhell.

March 1, 2018

WHY….would be a good question….and the answer is the same as why May dined out with the chief rabbi of Britain almost the day after becoming PM.


Not many people would believe it….but Prince William and his wife are BOTH JEWS….

Will they have him showing up at the Wailing Wall preying…..this is the usual trick they go for.Humiliating the goyim…..and persuading them just how jolly great are the Jews.

There will be no mention of the British servicemen lynched in an olive grove circa 1948….by Jews.!!!.

Windsor propaganda machine goes into overdrive….

March 1, 2018

The Daily Zio-Mail is one of the worst culprits.

This time they have the full line up of the Next Generation of con artists.Prince Harry and his black fox and Prince William and his zio spouse.

Most people in Britain will believe that Meghan Markle is a black….infact she is Jewish hence her appearance on Zio TV shows in the US.

Prince Harry appears to be heavily political and no doubt his marriage to the American has many “other reasons”.

His wearing of a Nazi shirt some years ago….perhaps reveals something.

He will also be wanting to get back the people who murdered Princess Diana….

Obviously this dynasty of British Royals has reached its sell by date…time they were deposed and replaced by a capable family…..one that doesn’t bombard the public with PC Propaganda….

Is Sir John Major a crypto Jew?.

March 1, 2018

All the evidence suggests that the weird Major IS a crypto Jew.

His fling with the Jewess Edwina Currie is one clue that Major is a crypto Jew….plus other weird stuff like his background in a circus.

Currently Major is getting hysterical about Brexiteers….

It is NOT a coincidence that his predecessor THATCHER had an electorate in a predominantly Jewish area of North London….not a coincidence that her cabinet was more Old Estonian than Old Etonian….Thatcher was definitely a crypto Jew.

All of this is nothing out of the ordinary…in the US the Jews are considerably less cagey about disguising their identity….the whole Congress is under their control.Americans have yet to learn about Jews….although they are learning…..maybe some Americans will have noted the get out of jail free card given to a serious Jewish criminal….by the Jew Trump.

Is it any wonder that the British parliament has REFUSED to act against serious establishment pedophiles…like the Jew Janner and the crypto Jew Ted Heath.

No WONDER……the bouncing Czech Robert Maxwell was able to escape Britain after his monstrous crimes….they let him escape!!.

There are considerable doubts about his supposed death with question marks about the autopsy.He was given a state funeral in Israel.His offspring remain in Britain with their money intact….they are often photographed at high society events….by Tatler etc.

The remaining part of the Aristocracy untainted by intermarriage with Jews should note….that if they don’t stop the Jews they will be swept away like the Russian aristocracy…..but First they’ll have to be able to recognise crypto Jews….which is what the Spanish Inquisition was all about….This faux controversy with Max Mosley…should be ignored….he is a crypto Jew.(His father was nicknamed “The Sheik” on account of his Semitic appearance……

Jews are still a powerful force in Vienna Austria…..although six million were supposed to have been killed by ze Nazis…..(nonsense of course)….

Macron…the French president is a crypto Jew…..without a doubt.

The British Labour leader Corbyn is definitely a crypto Jew….so all those lefties who support him are going to be as disappointed as supporters of Obama…

British student in Berlin is cornered by invaders in Berlin and brutally raped.

February 28, 2018

Her relatives SHOULD consider focussing their attention on the CAUSE of the attack…the crypto Jew MERKEL rather than the immediate obvious attackers…..

They SHOULD but they won’t.

Germany….like Britain will be spending huge amounts of money to prevent native people from defending themselves….

It is the elites program versus the citizens of the respective countries.



Official channels ARE A COMPLETE WASTE OF TIME….

You won’t believe how fast things will change if the elite come under attack….remember they are unaffected by the consequences of mass alien immigration….they live in secure luxury.

Keep in mind the internal secret police are infested by crypto Jews….

Well informed people are well aware that the USSR secret police had a layer of crypto Jews at the top.