Please contact the Wanaka police and congratulate them on their stirling efforts.

August 16, 2017

….in upholding law and order….and targeting of criminals of the thought variety….

They really do deserve a medal.

What the NZ Jewish oligarchy is currently doing.

August 16, 2017

They are bringing in third world academics and placing them in top jobs in government.They are also installing them in universities…..

If European Kiwis apply for the same jobs they can forget about a successful application…..Europeans are being deliberately excluded from such jobs.

It will take a while before this systemic anti white discrimination becomes common knowledge and accepted that it is actually happening.

The education department at high levels is now almost exclusively staffed by crypto Jews.

What say you actually point out this Jewish racism is actually happening….You’ll start getting trouble from the police????…..which is odd since you are only exercising your right to free speech and objecting to racism.

I actually had a police wanker hanging around the other day….dressed in civilian clothing….their objective….to deprive me of a place to live… they have done in the past.

I’ll be providing details of this criminal in due course… the right quarters.

NZ police have hacked into this cellphone…big deal.

August 16, 2017

Of course it is all illegal but the NZ police are above all that….they even spread malicious rumours about me round town…….nasty.

They do of course receive a pat on the back for breaking the law….by the zio-elite which rules the country.

Imagine just what it was like living in Eastern Europe before the wall came down……the human rights abuses were legendary….the secret police were totally in the hands of the Jews….like the East German STASI for example….Well now the Jews are in the driving seat in Western Countries.Parker the CEO of MI5 is a full blown crypto Jew….

Watch how the traditional freedoms of Western Countries begin to evaporate……Only the US constitution stands between the Jewish elite and outright tyranny…..!!.

If the Jews had their way….they would be banning marches and confiscating Americans guns…..they have ALREADY attempted to do this.

Giant Jewish owned kiwi construction company issues profit warning.

August 16, 2017

The JEO (Jewish executive officer) Adamson has been removed….but will no doubt receive a giant payoff.

The Fletchers are part of NZs Elders of Zion….they determine NZs immigration policies for example….NOT NEW ZEALAND CITIZENS….as some fools may think.

Incidently….qualified electricians in Australia are paid DOUBLE the rate of NZ electricians…..BUT IT GETS WORSE.Australian houses are cheaper to buy and Australian food is CHEAPER,including DAIRY PRODUCTS.

So here is a partial explanation as to why the RICHEST MAN IN AUSTRALASIA IS A NEW ZEALANDER NOT AUSTRALIAN (a Jew it goes without saying)….despite all those mining billionaires you hear about.

NZers are being RIPPED OFF BIG TIME and it is about time something is done about it….

Don’t expect the horse toothed lightweight Adern (Jewish) to stick up for NZ workers…..her primary concern will be focussed in identity issues.

Voting for NZ First might,THAT IS MIGHT change the situation….after all Peters has got a bone to pick with the corrupted elite….at least he got 20 million back from the thieves.

Jimmy Felon (Jewish) speaks about American girl killed at Charlottesville demonstration (by a Jew…but let’s not get too picky about it)

August 16, 2017

It was a a performance worthy of a Shakespearean actor….poor old Jimmy was on the verge of tears.He was obviously deeply affected by this brutal killing of a woman who was courageously defending her beliefs in the face of terrible white racism and tolerance.

Sorry…..but it is all big act.

Needless to say Jimmy the Noo Yoik Jew will not ever be mentioning another American woman who was brutally murdered while defending people against brutal racism…..why you may ask??.

Rachel Corrie was defending Palestinian families whose houses were about to be smashed into the ground by one of Jimmys ethnic group….a Jew driving a MASSIVE American made bulldozer….in Israel.Rachel Corries body was crushed into the ground by a grinning Jew.

Sorry ethnic solidarity Trumps (if you’ll excuse the pun) any piffling concerns about the goyim being murdered by Jewish racists.

And there we have it in a nutshell.Felon’s concern about human rights is ALL TO DO WITH THE MAINTENANCE OF JEWISH POWER IN AMERICA…..

JUST AS…..the Jewish controlled media is concerned about human rights abuses in Syria BUT NOT SAUDIA ARABIA where people have their heads lopped off on a regular basis.The Jews concerns are based purely on political considerations….IT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH GENUINE CONCERNS….nothing at all.

1984….has already arrived….only the public has not got the hang of it yet.

August 15, 2017

Britain is probably THE most Orwellian state in Europe…with Germany a close second.It is obvious to those people who want to look.There are literally surveillance cameras EVERYWHERE….The British Secret Police MI5 penetrates every nook and cranny…bugging and burglaring their way across the country WITH NO CHECK WHATSOEVER….The British public don’t do a thing to stop it either…their passivity is legendary which explains why the billionaire Windsors are still in business….still around and milking the British public for hundreds of millions of pounds.The British tabloids acting as their unpaid PR unit…..and now they are conning them by promoting an American as the next wife of “Prince Harry”….almost certainly an arranged marriage….to promote the disintegration of British identity.

New Zealand is fast becoming a chip off the old block….with the squalid shacks of the Freemasons in practically every town….meantime churches which acted as a,counter to the satanic Masons …are being sold off.

The NZ police deliberately antagonize NZers to give them an excuse to arrest them…..and try complaining about it to the “independent authority”….guess who handles the complaint.The people you are complaining about… that’s Orwellian.

Bugging and Burglary in NZ???….yes the police and SIS do this all the time….no worries mate….without warrants.

Do NZers REALLY think that ANY politician in NZ is going to defend individuals against agents of the state.Just look at them….the leaders of the two main parties….ARE FUCKING PATHETIC IDIOTS.

Jimmy Zio-Felon makes heartfelt plea to Americans…

August 15, 2017

It’s all to do with Zio-Trump of course….Felon is making great capital outa this….valuable publicity for his career in show biz……casting himself as one of the good guys confronting horrid “white racism and intolerance”.

Little do Americans realize they are being conned by another race….the one that controls America from top to bottom….The Jews.This ethnic group has been responsible for millions of deaths in the Middle East on behalf of Israel.

As Madeline Albright,a fellow tribe member said….it has all been “worth it”.

This connection is probably a little too “difficult” for dumbed down Americans to make.Well if they don’t make it,they are going to find their country embroiled in another world war and possibly civil war within America itself.

Even someone with a minimum amount of brain cells should be able to recognise that Felon IS A LIGHTWEIGHT FUCKING IDIOT….ALL his guests are also Jews (minus the token minorities)

Jews are calling the shots……

Jennifer Lawrence,another Jewish celebrity is calling for less corruption in politics….and is offering a wine tasting with her as the prize.You can see more of Lawrence-stein on the net….almost all of her infact…..nude shots of the jewess were leaked onto the net by her publicists….

Well the internet has circumvented the Jews total control of the media….and the effect is now becoming noticeable….there is even a petition on line calling for Felon to be turned into a block of soap…..obviously this petition was started by someone with a social conscience.

The media is now despised by most people in Western democracies…those that is with half an ounce of commonsense….the toll of lies and deceptions is beginning to mount up…what percentage of Americans will actually pay attention to this Jewish moron you have to ask…one thing is for sure it will be less than a year ago and even fewer in another five years….

It is best to regard this stuff as a Big Time Wrestling match…all bullshit.Impeachment of Trump is another pipedream ….the Jewish fuckwit will still be around at the end of his term…..for the simple reason Trump is a Jew and role playing the ogre.

If he was about to break up the Federal Reserve (like Kennedy)….Trump wouldn’t get impeached he would be assassinated in very short order.To demonstrate just how absolutely stupid all this stuff is….just take note of his son in law and his close connection to Israel….it could hardly be more obvious!!!.

The US HGTV network….

August 15, 2017

This network is all about housing…fixing them up….or remodelling….at least half the presenters are Jews…probably more like 75%.They even have a pair of Canadian zio-twins who would have had Doc Mengele foaming at the mouth (Doc Mengele was a crypto Jew of course)

One of the shows is “Renovate to Rent”…this one features a couple of Zio landlords a pair of Zio-cunts who would not be up to the standards of the infamous Rachman the London rent racketeering Jew….but one of them looks particularly evil and money hungry….

Watch how they greet potential renters…their greeting of the goyim renters is a salutary lesson…..everything is fake….their sole objective is to gouge as much money as possible out of the hapless goyim.

It goes without saying these two nasties are your classic Jewish wankers.

Now according to the media…Jews are the best thing since sliced bread…who have been persecuted for no reason.Well now they hold the US Govt hostage you had better believe that or America is going to get the USSR treatment…millions of Americans killing each other.Unless the goyim try a new strategy….start at the top.

Private Eye Magazine becoming increasingly politically correct…WTF?.

August 15, 2017

According to a disgruntled former employee….the increase in political correctness is directly related to a homosexual squad of fudgepackers who now work at the Eye…..Some have speculated Hislops employment at the BBC is at least partly related to the new editorial policy….The short arsed midget has become “enamored” with the BBCs identity politics…..there are more buggerists per square foot at the BBC than you would find on an Air NZ international flight…..and THAT is one helluva lot of fudgepackers!.

Hislop…..obviously needs to get the chop….currently the magazine is “going through the motions”…..generally some low level expose in the areas outside London…but never anything like the days of Maxwell the utterly corrupt Jew who stole MILLIONS from his employee’s (goyim) pension fund.Subsequently given a state funeral in Israel.

Nope…the noxious little midget has become all too comfortable in his job for life… editor of the Eye.At least the owners could hire a normal sized person for the job….who can prove,beyond doubt ,that he is not part of Chosen tribe who currently dominate the media in Britain.(via racism)

Racist Guardian writer writes crafty article about Charlottesville.

August 14, 2017

Paul Mason is a Jewish racist of course…he has just written a carefully constructed article about “white racists” in America.

He says its about time leftists “fought back” against racism.

No where in his article is there any mention of the Jews enormous power in the USA….or the fact that he is Jewish.However he is greatly concerned about “white racists” targeting blacks and Muslims.

This is really a fucking cheek….it is thanks to the neocon Jews in America that millions of Muslims have been killed by the American armed forces.Black refugees are immediately deported if they land in Israel.Mason is also against the building of a wall to keep Mexicans out…..In Israel walls have already been built….

So Mason is a hypocritical racist who hopes readers are ignorant enough not to know what he is up to……using minorities to protect Jewish Power in the USA….

Put it like this….the Jews in Israel are currently supporting Sunni Moslems in their attacks on Shiite Muslims….they ARE NOT DOING THIS BECAUSE THEY LIKE SUNNI MUSLIMS….it is a strategy to pit one group of Muslims against the other….

They are employing the same strategy in the USA….where it is minorities against “whites”.In reality the Jewish fiends could not give a toss about blacks or Muslims.

Mason is a dirty little rat ….but a cunning one.