Shia la Boeuf…..surely a candidate for the soap factory…

April 23, 2017

This Jewish twat is now a Hollywood star and he is stark raving BONKERS.

If he wasn’t a Jew he wouldn’t be working in Hollywood.It is only because of the racist employment policies of the Jews who own Hollywood that this utter prick survives.

He has recently starred in the movie “Fury”….a ww2 movie alongside Bwad Pitt….he is also a Jew,but prefers to keep this secret…which makes him a crypto Jew…

The jew-twat© la Boeuf reckons he converted to Christianity while filming Fury…..WITH THE HELP OF BWAD PITT..who professes to be a Christian….It’s all a pack of LIES of course….TOTAL BLATANT JEWISH LIES.No real Christian would survive with their principles intact in Hollywood…it is a den of iniquity which exudes evil from every pore.

The film Fury did infact capture the hyper greasy nature of Jews bottled up in a Sherman tank (known as the Ronson the well known cigarette lighter because they lit up all the time and burnt the crew to a cinder)

Well General Patton woke up to what was going on….and he was murdered for his trouble….

Robert Maxwell the JEW who robbed his employees of their pension funds…was employed as an intelligence official immediately post war in Germany….he set up his own little fiefdom and was waited on by German women facing the choice of starvation or to sell themselves to this heinous Jew from HELL (his daughter is carrying on his tradition of evil by being involved in recruiting young “women”/girls for hughly rich pedophile jews….)



Bishop “spouting a string of rubbish”

April 23, 2017

According to the zio-media the Nth Koreans have threatened Australia with a nukeyala attack.

OK the Nth Koreans are a bunch of fuckwits….their giant military caps are a crime against common sense.BUT,surprising as it may seem the Korean who said Bishop was spouting a string of nonsense was MOST LIKELY correct.

Keep in mind Gaddafis comment about Europe being flooded with immigrants if he was removed from power….subsequently proven to be 100% correct.

This bullshit about Australia being under the threat of nuclear attack was MOST LIKELY dreamt up in the back offices of the CIA in order to get Australians to back its Jewish multimillionaire Prime Minister Turnbull….

There they were on the podium…brothers in arms swearing undying allegiance to each other….the two treacherous cunts…Turnbull and Pence…..BOTH DIRECTLY OR INDIRECTLY RESPONSIBLE FOR FLOODING THEIR RESPECTI E COUNTRIES WITH MILLIONS OF THIRD WORLD IMMIGRANTS.

BUT….here is the most important bit….BOTH OF THEM ARE JEWS…or more accurately….crypto Jews.

As the famous car manufacturer Henry Ford said…..if you removed Jews from Western Countries…in particular Jewish bankers…..these wars would come to a halt….and the pathetic sabre rattling like that exhibited by Pence and Turnbull…..(the grossly overweight…meaning fat bastard… NZ foreign minister (Brownlee)…the former woodwork teacher….threw his pennysworth in too,not that anyone was listening.Yes this giant bloater is a Jew too…who has made several secret trips to Israel)

Ah….the benefits of multiculturalism for Kiwis.

April 23, 2017

A Hong Kong chink has just been arrested on a 40 million dollars drug bust…’s the usual….the importation of raw material for the production of methamphetamine.

Remember….Kiwis are suffering the full brunt of the Chinese criminality via addiction AND just as importantly the CORRUPTION which goes hand in hand with drug crime.

Okay….now tune into any TV channel and listen to the MEDIA WANKERS…singing ” the wonderful benefits of multiculturalism…..tune”

WHO??…is really at fault here….the cunts in parliament who caused the situation to arise in the first place!…

The fucking cunts who now LIE to NZers by saying “there will be a clampdown on immigration”.

Incidently the Minister of Immigration appears to be a homosexual…or bisexual…..part of the fudge packing cabal that has set up shop in parliament.Homosexuals can always be relied apon to betray their country’s interests…..Like the squad of butt burglars at Cambridge Uni (Blunt and co)

NZ Federated Farmers wants the third world Labour scam to continue.

April 23, 2017

They have been moaning just lately about proposed cuts to the flood of cheap Labour into NZ.

When the inevitable economic downturn arrives and they have to lay off staff….will the farmers help pay to keep the unemployed immigrants alive…NO!….that will be left up to ordinary NZers to pay out.

Farmers are beginning to take the Piss in NZ….if there is a drought or flood they get pay outs from the government.They want cheap Labour? worries the scum in parliament will oblige….BUT THEY SURE AS HELL WONT BE PAYING THE SOCIAL COSTS….of mass alien immigration.

So farmers/landowners are on a winning ticket….this sort of thing harks back to feudal times….the land owners ….and the peasants scrambling for the crumbs….an exaggeration but that is the shift going on.

Here is a common deception used by the zio-media….They are covering a story about immigration into NZ…MOST NZers are very concerned about third world immigration NOT immigration from other first world countries….When covering contentious immigration…the media rounds up immigrants from first world countries to interview…never mind the tens of thousands of semi literate immigrants pouring into the country….

The sooner Kiwis realise that the smiling giggling imbeciles who front NZ TV are the enemy….the better.The NZ media,as in other Western Countries are NOT impartial….they are pushing a PC agenda…..sort of a hotchpotch of fascist/commie bullshit…

Just look how they lie every time they discuss “traffic congestion” or “housing crisis” WITHOUT ONCE MENTIONING THE CAUSE OF IT…MASS THIRD WORLD IMMIGRATION…..Ninety percent of these cunts are Jews or percentage Jews….lying their heads off and smiling when they do it…..singing the praises of a glorious multicultural future….With Big Brother announcements that “NZ is the third happiest country in the world”

Well,no doubt Gumboots English is pretty happy…he got way with an expense account fraud…no worries and given his farming connections he is probably benefiting from cheap  third world Labour and inclement weather bonuses….

There should be laws governing the amount of farm land owned by individuals who are not physically involved in the running of the farms…otherwise all the farms will eventually end up in the hands of absentee land owners living in the cities…like the mega corrupt thief Mike the KIKE FAY……Keep in mind …Fay used his Masonic connections to extract a “grant” from the govt (+ or – $70,000) to finance his daughters pop star career…which is on par with the recent revelation that a top French politician used govt money to provide his relatives with big salaried jobs that did not exist…..corruption…plain and simple…worse……the cunt is STILL in the running.

NOTE:.Federated Farmers need not worry about a cut off of their cheap third world Labour…Although Gumboots English has stated stuff about new laws regarding immigration….IT IS ALL BULLSHIT….He is lying his head off….

If you are wondering why a CIA private jet should be landing in NZ…Keep wondering….the media won’t be telling you a thing…

You could speculate that something is brewing in this region….perhaps to do with those jerks in Nth Korea.

The Freemasons are after her home.

April 22, 2017

A blogger in Carmarthenshire in Britain has lost her case against the council….They are now after her house and this would see her evicted and thrown onto the streets….along with her children….

The blogger would be unaware that Freemason gangs infest local councils and court rooms.The deck was stacked against her….She SHOULD have made any assets she had secure before taking on “city hall”‘

Meantime the thieves who infest the banks and stock markets rig the markets etc and are not prosecuted.THIS is the real story….Maybe Poms should give these suited criminals who are prepared to see a family on the streets and steal their home….a fucking hurry up….something they will understand.

Madame Secretary…a great Jewish comedy.

April 19, 2017

This Jewish propaganda series is hilarious….IF the viewer is aware of the length and breadth of Jewish control over the American media.

In this week’s propaganda we have Jewish suffering in spades….harmless suffering Rabbi Lowenthal only wanted peace in Israel…..but those fucking Muslim terrorists blew ‘im up….while he was on a peace march in Haifa….those fucking terrorists ruined a chance for peace!!!.

The jewess who plays Madame Secretary wanted the Iranian ambassador to recognise long suffering Israel’s right to exist.(pathetic nonsense)

The Jew who plays the token Muslim and who looks like a golliwog….was being his usual idiot self.

Jaffa oranges were mentioned….that was a plug for Israeli produce produced with virtual slave labour…(not mentioned)

Turns out Hizbollah was responsible for a cross border excursion which blew up Rabbi Lowenthal into a thousand smouldering bits….at least it put his eternal suffering to an end…..apparently his pop was turned into a lampshade….at Auschwitz.

The Iranian President is called “President Shiraz”…..the Jewish script writer obviously named him after the grape variety.(which originated in Persia)….how fucking original.

As mentioned….a blatant example of Jewish manipulative propaganda….

Meantime the MOFO’s are hacking my phone…Their current trick of the week is to put up videos on you tube….as some sort of psychological gambit…no doubt drawn from extensive records they keep on all those people who have seen through their bullshit.PATHETIC!.

Keep in mind Pauline Hanson was MOST LIKELY set up in order to get her into court…..”fitted up” in other words.

Meantime Jews continue to cast themselves as victims…..but it is all wearing a little thin.

One more point….look up “Jewish Soap” on You Tube….you should be able to find a Jewish crone lying her head off about soap made from her relatives.She tells a breathtaking LIE….but doesn’t bat an eyelid….lying seems to be an inherited trait with Jews…..they are that good at it.

Australian and NZ Prime Ministers to “tighten immigration rules”.Let’s get one thing absolutely crystal clear….ITS A FUCKING LIE.

April 19, 2017

How do you know for certain that the Jews who control BOTH countries have no intention of stopping the flood….EASY….all you need do is look at Britain or a whole host of other countries in Europe.(Incidently by all accounts the number of immigrants flooding into America is about the same as prior to the American election for president….People familiar with Jewish Power predicted this situation with the foreknowledge that Trump is a crypto Jew)

What will stop the invasion??…you could try voting BUT the Jews control BOTH the main political parties in BOTH Australia and New Zealand…so voting is a pointless waste of time….it gets worse however…..much worse.

The JEWS TOTALLY CONTROL THE MEDIA….so if a political party springs up in opposition…..IT IS IMMEDIATELY TARGETTED BY THE MEDIA and described as right wing…..PAULINE HANSON whatever her faults….WAS PUT IN JAIL ON TRUMPED UP CHARGES BY THE Jews/Freemasons….she was a POLITICAL PRISONER.

Eventually…sooner or later a NZ politician will be assassinated…it is only a matter of time….but people protesting against the loss of political representation in parliament would be better advised to target members of the oligarchy….because THEY OWN THE POLITICIANS….

Worth noting is the Australian/Israeli billionaire in Australia who was directly involved in the 9/11 attack for Israel who is a close associate of Silverstein who made hundreds of millions of dollars from insurance claims.

This Jewish Power enables them to use Australian and New Zealand troops and resources to fight Jewish wars in the Middle East.The earliest example of this was the Jewish General Monash from Melbourne clearing out the Turks from Palestine for the Jews….in preparation for the creation of Israel.

Stand back and watch as the invaders KEEP COMING…..tens of thousands of them…..hundreds every week.Then note all the homeless drugged up people on the street….including teenagers….THESE TWO FACTS ARE CONNECTED….as is the massive housing shortage,as is the health service under siege….


There are people getting rich off immigration including  Aussie Malcolm…former  government minister…BEFORE YOU ASK….yes he is a Jew.

“Two radicalized French nationals arrested in France”

April 19, 2017

This is Guardian-speak for Muslim terrorists…..who have obtained French citizenship.

NOTE:At the last French election BOTH the candidates for president were Jews…Sarkozy and Hollande….THAT FACT tells you all you need to know about WHO controls France.BOTH of these candidates promised to “control immigration”….Hollande won.Did he “control immigration”…..NO!….infact the invasion of France by the third world INCREASED.Same story with Thatcher,Blair,Cameron and May….all of whom are /were crypto Jews.

(Currently the Daily Mail is STILL spinning the “Vicars daughter” bullshit about May….OR Is the Pope Catholic…Well actually he is not…The Catholic church has been totally compromised by “Marranos”.)


Daily Mail runs another transport racism video.

April 19, 2017

The Jewish edited Daily Mail…likes these videos….depicting racism….from “whites” of course.

The Jews at the Daily Mail have branched out on this one….it’s from Ireland….

Ireland is no different from other European countries except the Jews flooding Ireland with the third world are a little behind Britain…but now the resentment is beginning.The perfect time for the Jewish run media to highlight “white racism”.

Of course the Jewish politicians in Ireland’s govt will be mostly marranos/crypto Jews…so the average Irish citizen will have not connected the dots….YET.

There appears to be a lot of crypto Jews in Ireland…who seem to have appeared from nowhere…Like mushrooms….but they were always there….the more multiculturalised they make Ireland the more likely Jews will begin to throw their weight around.

Crypto Jews in Ireland include Bono and his Jew mate Mr Edge.The Jews on “a hundred ways to kill your mammy”,Geldof the charity thief…,most likely Mary Robinson…going on her surname alone (not always reliable)

Check Irish television and press and you’ll find plenty more.



Environmentalists in NZ take note….

April 18, 2017

Read Paul Craig Roberts latest article concerning environment destruction in Florida…..

If NZ environmentalists don’t keep an eye on the cunts in parliament then NZ will experience the very same.

Like privatisation of beaches….as just one example…

Already money is trumping the environment….in that BOTH Jewish controlled main parties are FLOODING NZ with alien immigrants….who have been directly responsible for decimating the foreshore around Auckland….once teeming with sea life.

With a Prime Minister who steals money from expense accounts….they have proven THEY ARE NOT TO BE TRUSTED…….